Finance and Procurement

In working towards to the customer’s satisfaction, the process have a responsibility to manage the available financial and non financial resources for their optimum utilization. 

Financial resources flow in from different sources like ZOFED, FMOH, FHAPCO, and non governmental organizations. These resources will flow out based on the presented rules, regulations, terms and guidelines of the interested parties. Our process will administer these resources by ensuring the effective, efficient and economical utilization.

Description about the main inputs and outputs of the process

Inputs: Available financial and non financial resources, presented request for acquisition of goods & services with their proper procurment, financial and property administration.

Outputs: Distribution of the acquired financial resources, goods & service insuring their proper utilization and administration with standardly produced financial and non financial reports.  



Bureau’s main & support process

In achieving their objectives they need financial resources, thus our process provides the available financial resources and manages them torwards to their intended utilization. Procure goods & services and administer the acquired fixed assets


  • Acquired goods & service from external suppliers are paid based on their need terms and conditions

Governmental and non-governmental organizations

  • Receive donation of any kind from any source based on the approved action plan which coincides with the terms and conditions sated with the donor.
  • Dispense any withholding and tax to responsible authorities

Zonal HD, Woreda HD, Hospitals & other health service giving organization and health science college

Provides the allocated resources based on the approved allocation base in seeking relevant financial documents reports from these sactors

Commercial banks and insurance co campaniles

Plays a vital role in executing the financial and operating resources of the Bureau


Cooperates in financial management with the Bureau

Regional tax authority

Cooperation in improving the governing tax rules and regulations.




Head of the bureau

  • Needs to be aware of the overall financial management systems in handling high risk financial management issues in being well informed the resources available, to be available to the office as a whole.

Main & support process of the Bureau

  • Needs to be informed about the resources available to their process utilization with the required financial management and reporting requirements

Ministry of Health (FMOH)

Federal HIV/AIDS secretariat office(FHAPCO)

  • As a fund provider needs financial report in addressing utilization issues

Regional bureau of finance & economic development and BOFED

Regional tax authority

  • As regulator and budget provider, guides the overall resource management system. To this end the process will deliver a timely report as required

Development agencies (partners)

Commercial bank of Ethiopia

  • As a partner in health care service development program as per their will manages financial , non financial resources.

Governmental & non Governmental agencies Insurance companies, Labour and Social Affairs Agency

  • Provided the allocated resources in seeking a proper financial utilization report, the process will ergs governmental non governmental offices to act in accordance with the agreed resource management issues. Deliver any service required from taxing authorities.