Health, Health Related Product Quality Control Authority


Public : To satisfy the end users (the public) in need of standard health services, safe, effective and quality medicines, safe and quality foods, and these to be served by qualified and licensed health professionals.

Health Institution:

  • Hospitals, Health centers, health posts, Clinics, Drug retail outlets & distributors are regulated in public/customer need and request so that the public are served by:
  • Safe, effective and quality drug
  • Safe and quality food
  • Efficient health service
  • Quality health service in standardized health facility
  • Competent and ethical health professional
  • Regulation of modern and traditional medicines, up-date information on regulatory

Health related institutions: Food and drinking establishments, Beauty salons, Schools, Prisoners compound, Supper markets and marketing places are regulated to meet hygienic requirement.

Health Professionals:

  • Health professionals are regulated as a result the public are served by competent and ethical health professional.
  • Health professionals are regulated so that only professionally competent and ethical are licensed.





Regional Government

  • Effective implementation of polices and proclamations
  • Periodic performance report
  • Accountability and transparency
  • Access to quality health service

Different health professionals association

  • Involvement in standard setting
  • Participatory type system of regulation

Development partners

  • Efficient resource utilization
  • Growth and development


Justice and Courts Sector

  • Enforcement in illegal activities
  • Implementations of laws and regulations
  • Implementation of professional conduct

Media Sector

  • Timely and accurate information

Trade and Industry Sector

  • Collaborate for licensing of health related institutions

Quality & Standard Authority

  • Standard setting

Government Communication Sector

  • Timely and accurate information dissemination




Food manufactures, distributors and retailers inspection

  • Safe, effective and quality drug
  • Ensure safe production, distribution of food and protected public from unsafe & adulterated food

Pharmaceuticals retail outlets inspection and licensing

  • Ensure the availability safe, effective and quality drugs