Maternal Child Health Nutrition


  • Women
  • New Born  Children
  • Under Five Children
  • Adolescents and Youths

Customers require the following from the process

  • Equitable, accessible, quality and efficient  FP : ANC: Delivery : PNC: NBC : EPI: U 5 care AYRH : Nutritional services
  • Integrated and customer based health promotion and disease prevention services
  • Accurate and timely health information
  • Involvement from planning to implementation

Stake holders

  • Regional Government
  • FMOH
  • Development partners
  • Nongovernmental organizations
  • Private Health Facilities
  • Civic societies
  • Media

Stakeholders require the following from the process

  1. Quality and efficient health promotion and disease prevention services
  2. Customer based health services
  3. Involvement from planning to implementation

Key Activities




Includes data collection, preparation of draft plan , review the draft plan with involvement of partners and finalization of the plan


Includes identify activities which require advocacy, propose solutions for problems ,setting objectives of advocacy and feasible strategies, Identification  & selection of advocacy Target audience  ,preparation of advocacy messages, selection of appropriate media to deliver advocacy messages and conduct advocacy

Strengthen partnership

Identify issues that need partnership and preparation TOR, discuses with partners on prepared TOR and establish partnership network

Conduct community mobilization

Identify issues that need community mobilization and targets, setting goals, objectives and feasible strategies for community mobilization, identify message dissemination media and conduct community mobilization.

Conduct capacity building activities

Preparation, publishing and distribution of technical manuals. Preparation and distribution of printed and electronic health education materials

Referral Linkage

Develop and distribute referral format

Support and Conduct monitoring MNCHN

Support and conduct monitoring on Maternal, Child  Health and Nutritional Services

Support and monitor implementation of the process

Identify issues that need supportive supervision, develop check list, conduct supportive supervision and feedback

Customer satisfaction and response

Develop questionnaire, conduct assessment, identify problems and propose solutions

Conduct performance monitoring and evaluation

Identify performance gaps, develop strategies to compensate gaps and undertake correction measures, develop next plan, develop performance report and give feedback. Prepare health extension festival for experience sharing.