Inspection and internal audit  support process:The process has the responsibility to examine , ensure and consult management whether the organization is performing according to the rules and regulations especially concerning financial utilization, public procurement, adopting internal control system etc. having value for money in perspective.

Customer /user

  • Management of the organization, BOFED, local NGO's, office of general auditor
  • Assurance and consultation about financial property management and internal control system.


  • BOFED, 
  • General Auditor, 
  • core and support process of the bureau, 
  • Ethics & anticorruption commission


  • Planning:It assure the accomplishment of the activities of all processes according the strategic plan of the bureau and the set plan.
  • Inspecting and auditing:The process assure the proper utilization of manpower, financial resource, property, public procurement and give assurance & consultation for the management of the bureau and the stake holders who use the bureau as the source of funding.